Azmond "the Bandit King"

A rough-and-ready self-made man with a reptation to uphold, revenge to exact, and a gleaming smile.


Azmond “the Bandit King” is a first-rate (in his own mind) swindler and gambling man. Styling himself a dashing rogue, (but with a fabricated reputation for inflicting the most gruesome class of torture upon his victims) he sought to despoil the region north of Ossier, with plans to expand southward as riches and manpower permitted.

When, after a week of hard luck on the trail with no victims and only lentils and smoked fish to eat, his band of four followers recanted their oaths of lifelong loyalty and left him for dead in a field, Azmond fell on hard times. Since then, he’s heard rumors of a fierce bandit king in the area, named Azmond, who reputedly practices the most gruesome….

Azmond "the Bandit King"

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