An angry and displaced man of mighty thews and mighty appetites searching for his way home to Kauchique and the throat of the man who marooned him.


Desloc, an absurdly muscled caravan hand from Kauchique; frustrated by what he perceives to be brutally unsubtle customs in the Scaum Valley region, he is quick to rebuff all discourtesies. As might be imagined, this temper is the reason he no longer finds gainful employment with a caravan.

Angry with his plight and in the depths of penury, he finds motivation to return to Kauchique difficult to muster. Instead he hopes to revenge himself on the caravan master who marooned him in this uncultured sphincter of nowhere. Adding insult to insult, the caravan has already passed by, as it happens, on a day which Desloc spent in bed after indulging in too much wine.


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