A bellicose and disgruntled pelgrane making good his escape from Pelzard, faring west along the River Scaum.


Hupplebaust, a young, runty pelgrane who once inhabited the Land of the Falling Wall, came south somewhat under duress—or at least under an enchantment. He flew farther than normal one dark afternoon, when the other pelgrane had been particularly irksome and mordant; he spotted a lone human wandering, apparently bereft, along the road through the Pale Rugates. Hupplebaust had recently made his evening meal, and so with more curiosity than hunger, flapped down to investigate.

The human, a certain Pelzard, tricked him with sorcery and for several years after that Hupplebaust lived his life in a rickety wooden cage, performing at Pelzard’s behest for timorous but well-paying townsfolk of the region. Seizing opportunity by both horns one night when Pelzard became drunk and neglected upkeep on the cage, Hupplebaust made good his escape and flew off to the south to Ossier and points west.


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