Metzalar the Magician

An eccentric and curious practicioner of sorcery exploring the western reaches of the Scaum River valley.


Metzalar the Magician (self-titled) hails from Taun Tassel. He undertook to discover the fabled north fork of the Scaum River but was unable to locate it before expending the tattered remnants of the family fortune. He seeks passage downstream—back to Taun Tassel, or perhaps all the way to Kaiin—where he hopes to ignite the passion of certain noblemen to fund another expedition by amazing them with tales of the wealth to be had.

He was put ashore in Ossier after a hoard of glass snakes swarmed out of the river at the top of the portage and onto the ship. Being the only (admitted) wizard aboard, he was blamed for the mishap and was lucky to escape with the clothes on his back and his precious grimoire.

Metzalar the Magician

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