Dice of Destiny

The Story so Far...
The Scaum Valley—aeons to erode, yours for a pittance.

For a variety of disparate and incongruous reasons, the player characters have found themselves at the extreme eastern end of the Scaum Valley. Perhaps they are fleeing creditors, old school chums, assassins, or inconvenient romantic entanglements. It may also be they are eccentrics engaged in pointless† research of a geographical, thaumaturgical, or culinary nature. A possibility also exists they are here on a mission—either willingly or not—for some larger-than-life personage of the lower valley, but this is mere speculation. (After all, what could Prince Kandive the Golden, Chun the Unavoidable, or Iucounu the Laughing Magician have to do with such disreputable non-persons?)

Any instant the sun may go dark; why toil today if the work will be obsolete tomorrow? Better to enjoy a cup of wine, the comforts of a couch, and the dancing of winsome youths.


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