• Azmond "the Bandit King"

    Azmond "the Bandit King"

    A rough-and-ready self-made man with a reptation to uphold, revenge to exact, and a gleaming smile.
  • Dalthipa


    An outlandish magician of dubious ways & means, in a scandalously single-tiered hat.
  • Dayzatar


    A dashing conjurer, quick of wit and slight of hand, able to see above the crowd and sweep the fairest off their feet!
  • Desloc


    An angry and displaced man of mighty thews and mighty appetites searching for his way home to Kauchique and the throat of the man who marooned him.
  • Hupplebaust


    A bellicose and disgruntled pelgrane making good his escape from Pelzard, faring west along the River Scaum.
  • Metzalar the Magician

    Metzalar the Magician

    An eccentric and curious practicioner of sorcery exploring the western reaches of the Scaum River valley.
  • Pelzard the Pelgrane Trainer

    Pelzard the Pelgrane Trainer

    A cantankerous and obstinate performance artist on the prod for his missing meal ticket.